About Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation

At Alexis George Wines we support the ExtraordinaryIS movement of the Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation which seeks to improve the community by finding and rewarding ordinary people who have the conviction to achieve extraordinary goals with limited resources.

The foundation's goals are to: Increase college enrollment rates among youth from under-served communities of North Texas; Connect individuals and families to community-based resources charged with helping college students stay in college: and Facilitate the connection between working families and local resources that will support their child's academic, athletic and emotional development.

Alexis George shares this commitment to people and the community and are happy to provide resources and support to this purpose driven organization.

- - Disclaimer - -

Alexis George Wines and Marron Beverage Group are the exclusive proprietor of The Reach Back Wine Program, it's products and the brands. The Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation have no ownership affiliation. The Otis and Rosie Brown Foundation will received donations from Alexis George Wines or Marron Beverage Group based on product sales through this site.

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