About Jack and Jill

At Alexis George Wines we support the priority of the Jack and Jill Foundation which is to improve the lives of African American children. They are concerned about making a difference in the areas that can significantly shift their outcomes in life. They are committed to supporting services, programs and organizations that focus on impacting root causes of social problems affecting African American children and families.


Alexis George shares this commitment to family and are happy to provide resources and support to this purpose driven organization.

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Alexis George Wines and Marron Beverage Company are the exclusive proprietor of The Reach Back Wine Program, it's products and the brands. Jack and Jill of America Inc, and the Jack and Jill Foundation have no ownership affiliation. Jack and Jill of America, Inc and The Jack and Jill Foundation will received donations from Alexis George Wines and Marron Beverage Company based on product sales through this site.

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